“It’s Got to Be About the People”

Why Do We Let  2% of the Population Win Over the Top 98% of the Population?  

What Exactly Is the Commissioner of Revenue Office Responsible For?

The Commissioner's office is responsible for fairly assessing business and personal property taxes in The City of Norfolk. Balance of power must come first. The balance of power between central and local government matters. It matters because improving the lives of local people and local communities matter. The balance of power between the constitutional offices and local government means these offices have the responsibility and accountability for the delivery of improvements.
Even more fundamental, it matters because the strength of our city depends upon a strong democracy, and a strong democracy requires participation. If popular participation at the grass roots continues to decline in this city, then the local and constitutional body politic will not be immune from the consequences. Flourishing grass roots are only likely where people understand what local government is responsible for in terms of both policy and resources, then they can hold to account local government for its performance, and understand where that local government can make a real difference.
That is why I decided to place my creativity, experience and innovative energy where I can help make a real change in the Commissioners of Revenue Office. I will focus on great customer service and have an open door policy for the citizens of Norfolk. With my technical skills, I will create an extensive user friendly website for the citizens of Norfolk to be able to monitor policies and resources. Local government will be held accountable for its performance. Citizens will see that local government can make a real difference. The plan will cost the taxpayers a fraction of the cost because I will create and implement it myself.

Payment arrangements will be permitted for those citizens who are in need and all seniors who are qualified to receive a tax relief will be provided that service. I believe that every citizen is entitled to define happiness in their own way. Ensuring yours will be my number one priority.


Norfolk Is A Great City

Norfolk is a great city. Our city was built on opportunity and equality for all. That is how it became great. If we want it to continue to be great we must focus on those values. I never thought I would see the city get like this. We have  city officials running up all the bills. Meanwhile, taxpayers are paying all the bills.  Many politicians spend more time on trying to maintain control rather than serving the public. 

Dividing the Community Makes Good Political Sense…

But It’s Bad For The Community  

It’s about making one neighborhood and business community feel more privileged than the other. Creating a rivalry between neighborhoods/businesses. It suggest that the other neighborhoods/businesses are enemies. In the present administration it is a case of big business vs. small businesses… small businesses lose. Only selected seniors are aware of the tax relief due to them. Unscrupulous politicians capitalize on the envy, jealousy and deceit. It’s about splitting people apart and dividing the community as a whole. This is a very old tactic that only works if we let it.   

Imagine A City That Is Better Tomorrow

Than It Is Today